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Porto Carvoerio

O wow, this tiny village is amazing. It's beautiful, and the new marina development is going to mean lots of space for for small boats and some large ones Plus lots of space to launch our own kayaks and get some fishing in.

Today the village is truly relaxing, with boating, walking, fishing and relaxing on the terrace being primary activities.

But in the past, our tiny village was an important commercial outpost. Salt from the south, coal from the interior, and passengers and boats carrying Port Wine would arrive here. And from here, the rabelo boats would depart, transporting various goods such as timber, firewood, and coal to Porto. You can still see the remains of an old factory - huge and impressive with some original machinery remains just along the river and a hike in that direction is well worth it.

Fishing was of course always important with lamprey, shad, mullet, and barbel plentiful to this day.

Take a walk along the banks of the village or hike into the dense forest of eucalyptus and pine trees.

Pay attention to the unique architecture of the two manor-style houses, one of them with a private chapel of peculiar beauty.

There are two special times to visit the village: during the International Street Theatre Festival Imaginarius, which usually develops at least one initiative here, and during the festivities dedicated to Saint Lawrence, on the first weekend of August.

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