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Renovation the Douro River House

The Douro River house was charming when we found it but rather old fashioned. Small windows and chicken coops on the terrace. A bathroom smaller than a vacuum cleaner and no kitchen to speak of.

We remodelled the house by moving the internal walls around to create a larger bathroom and install a glorious huge bath and new sink and loo. This still left plenty of space for a brand new kitchen with beautiful finishes such as the Belfast sink and handmade splash back tiles. Our favourite change was the installation of two huge windows in the living room which creates a sweeping panoramic view of the river and allows beautiful light in all day. We also reestablished the terrace as a glorious open sun deck and built a new secret terrace on a raised garden which we recovered from the wilds!

Of course we also installed new water and electricity with a brand new fosse on the small garden a small distance from the house which belongs to the same deeds.

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